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Welcome to The Pub Rent Reviewer

A Pub rent review is a negotiation between a Pub Company and a Publican. Once the rent proposal is sent to you and you aren't sure of how to evaluate it,  we can help you understand it and negotiate with a proposal of your own that is well prepared, measured and has a reasonable response.


When a tied Pub Company sends you a rent proposal or rent review, we check that it is fair and prepare the response to start your negotiation. We, at The Pub Rent Reviewer are looking to challenge any unfair Pub rents and potentially save you rent payments over the 5-year tenure. It's a critical time when a significant series of decisions have to be made which can impact on your Pub Business for the next few years. We are here to help you when you may need this support. Our services are available throughout UK. Get in touch today.

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About Paul Hirst...

Paul Hirst has worked 35 years in the Licensed trade from 1985 starting as a management trainee graduate at Whitbread. He understands and “Just gets it” in terms of how hard it can be to manage and build a tenanted pub business over a five-year rental term.

He has created rent models for Punch, Spirit Leased, EI Group and Greene King over many years and fully understands the pub rent model and how rent proposals are constructed and presented to Pub Company rent panels, where they are finally approved and signed off, usually by the in-house RICS qualified surveyor.

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Retired now from the corporate world of the pub company, he now uses his extensive experience to help individual pub businesses prepare for their rent reviews. Paul provides his analysis and checks that the rent proposals have been prepared professionally and fairly. If necessary, he can prepare a reasonable & challenging response to the Pub Company to start your rent negotiation. 

Paul is supported by Financial Accountants, Morgan Wells of Baildon and he can therefore also provide a full accounting package to Publicans. This will help them to keep their business legal, organised and measurable towards their financial plan. Whether you are starting out or need to review your 5-year tenancy lease, get great value for your money with The Pub rent Reviewer.

Paul Hirst

What We Do...

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Rent Review

With our knowledge and extensive experience in pub rent models, we help individual pub businesses prepare and respond to the rent proposal from their Pub Company.

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Financial Management

We provide accounting packages to both existing and new publicans that will help them make their pub business legal, organised and measurable towards financial plans.

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Rent Negotiation

To start a negotiation, a reasonable response can be prepared by our team that will be sent to the Pub Company for further communication.

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Proposal Analysis

When you receive the proposal, a lot of financial jargons might confuse anyone; this is where we can help you understand if the proposal has been developed fairly.

Publican Recommends

We'd appreciate hearing from you and how we've made a difference in the growth of your pub business - leave us a review on Yell or Google.

Paul helped me with an asset based in Manchester netting a huge saving in the annual rent. Personable, astute and most importantly, savvy in the negotiations. I would highly recommend Paul’s services.

Absolutely brilliant and professional service that Paul offers. Got a great deal for us on our 5 year tenancy and is always available for any advice needed. An honest and genuine guy. Thank you Paul

Angela Canny

Rory Wallin


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We understand what you need from a licensed trade accountant. We can handle your accounts from the word go and speak your language without financial jargon.

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